When You Didn’t Leave

I read Psalm 110 a while back and he says about God that He “rules in the midst of His enemies”.

_dsc3534-176That’s what You do, isn’t it?

You didn’t zap us out of the world and take us up to some place where we wouldn’t have to see the broken thing anymore when You pulled us to Yourself.

You came right down into the middle of it.

You’ve left us here to do what You do-

to inject into, not to suck out of.


To inject love Love into a world parched for it.

Order and grace and humility into a world loose at the seams with disorder, hatred and pride.

To inject healing into the sick and staggering.img_3269

Oh Lord, You didn’t shut Your eyes and slam the door when memories of that day in the Garden ran by on the coatstrings of other children while You lived on Earth as one.

You didn’t unleash Your eternal fury when they mocked You- again- and kicked savagely at Your beautiful creation, made with love, for them.

You didn’t leave.

You saved the whole world by staying present

while the devil himself tempted You to shut the whole thing down.

You don’t rule on another planet where the memories leave you alone.

You rule here,

in the middle of what killed you once.

Maybe we are nearest to You when we don’t leave either.