Going Into That Thing That Terrifies You

DSC_3550-14I was writing a friend just now, and I told her of a too recent situation where I had to keep my word to a girl who put my family through the most difficult year and a half we have gone through together, when it seemed easier not to.

DSC_3556-20But this girl is also the reason we have four kids.

Life is so complex sometimes, isn’t it?

Sometimes we have to go toward the very thing that fills us with dread.

Right into it.

So that God can show us that there really is another side.

I’ve done it before so I know that it’s true. I know that He is true when He says that not only is it in His hands, but that those hands are loving and good, so trust Him.

Walking right into that hard thing is like stepping out of the boat to walk on the water towards Jesus, like Peter did. And how good it is to get beyond arm’s reach of that boat! To walk towards that loving face without regard for the  “what-ifs” that paralyze us if we let them.

Will He let us drown if our faith wavers and we panic and succumb to the terror of the very idea of our feet not being on the ground like we are used to?

He loves us too much for that.

But oh the things we miss when we’re panicking, thrashing back towards that boat; when we wouldn’t let ourselves get too far away from it to begin with.

Stepping out into the thing that looks as if it might swallow us a hundred feet under oxygen and sun, when it means that over there is closer to the Master, might actually be the step that takes us above, just like He said would happen.

No we won’t drown if we hang onto that boat, but there is a heck of a view, and an unmatched closeness to the Saviour Himself that comes when we step towards Him.

For a love for You that fixates our desire  on the thrill of being in Your presence- no matter what…