Loving People For the First Time

Another post for another day is about the months when I asked God to help me to love Him.


He broke me that year.


And I love Him for it.

Because of that year, I’m learning with the slowness of a child learning how to sound letters into words-

We can’t love people fully if we don’t love God first.

There’s no room for both love and [laziness-jealousy-bitterness-self promotion to others-grasping at my thoughts and clutching them deep-fear].

And aren’t all of the things at the front of the brackets rooted at the bottom in fear?

Fear of running out, missing out, being left out, being found out.


But here’s the connection: Perfect Love casts out fear.


And God is Love.

And it was Perfect Love who cast out the fear, cast out demons, cast out the guilt of sin and said, “Your sins have been forgiven, go in peace.”

He casts out in order to fill up. 

So what about those days, years, and decades of making a mess of loving people? Where so many feeble tries at it were spiked with motives that we shut our eyes to at the time but now come back to us hard like a swallow of bad liquor at first tasteless, then burning hot and foul?

Trip Lee says, “… remind them of the gracious gospel of Jesus. You could have [sinned] every day for the last 500 days and Jesus has not run out of grace. That same cross that you heard about the first time is the same cross that can forgive you now.”

When He casts out the sin, and the guilt that sits right on top of it, He brings in Himself. And He is the very presence of Love.

It is only when we love Him first that we can begin to love people rightly.