Feeling Like You’re About to Go Down?

At eye level on my fridge is a card with this little phrase from Amy Carmichael written on it:


“If you would live in victory… you must refuse to be dominated by the seen and felt.”

Seeing and feeling blind us, don’t they?

We hardly notice the streetlights in town as we walk beneath them at night. The sky feels black and small around their yellow light, and we cannot see up and over to the sky above, nor do we even think to. We walk along as if the street is just another room in our world and sometimes those barely visible stars on the edges catch our eye, but they are drowned out by incandescent and so they should be, is how we behave.

And all the while, in the vast universe of reality, it is those streetlights that are mere glimmering flecks on a tiny planet, while the night sky is filled with billions and billions of stars!

Refuse to be dominated by the seen and felt this week. By God’s grace that life of victory is one that even you, and even I, can attain!

“Oh for grace to trust Him more…”