6 Reasons To Watch A Montana Parade:

1.) You’ll see 50 steers on a little cattle drive which is always quaint, but drive them down the busiest street in the largest city in Montana and line their path with strollers, kids and cowboy wannabes… and you have some true suspense



2.) It’s one of the few times you’ll see chaps, asphalt, spurs, stoplights, crowds of people and crowds of cows and their cowboys, all together in one place- and not because anything got loose and has to be taken out by a sniper



3.) Because you’ll quickly see how much people love to resurrect the Good Old Days



4.) Because cowboys get very, very serious about their identity but…. it makes sense when you see them all lined up like this



5.) Once the suspense of cowboys-containing-steers passes by, these black horses with their black (well, dressed-in-black) riders turn all together when a whistle blows. Also suspenseful in it’s own way.



6.) If you look very closely, you might see kids as cute as these camped out on a curb waiting for the lady throwing tootsie rolls






3 thoughts on “6 Reasons To Watch A Montana Parade:

  1. I love your pictures and stories. This looks like it would be so much fun. And the kids are so beautiful.

  2. Oh my goodness! The pictures of the parade are good, but the last one is the very best of all! They look like they have grown so much since I last saw them!!!!!!!!!

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