Fall Here

My mother wanted photos so I broke out the camera… it’s been gathering dust (almost two year old boys have a way of doing that to a mama :):




The aspens around our yard are turning yellow because of disease, not exactly fall, but heck.





Have you ever seen a sugar beet? Or an implement that harvests them? My almost two year old boy loved to watch.




The six year old is turning into a reader every bit as much as her Daddy, Mama, and big sister are. And these two think they’re brothers.





It was hot enough to have freezie pops after school until October 4th, when it snowed, then snowed again the next day.





Prior to the snowfall that brought fall along shortly afterward we also had spectacular sunsets thanks to smoke that sat in our valley all summer long.




This is the empty homestead behind our house, used as a staging ground during planting and harvest. If I could pick it up and move it somewhere I would, it’s just beautiful.


One thought on “Fall Here

  1. Mama thanks you for making her smile real big. Beautiful pictures…and beautiful grandchildren!!!! :p ) Love you little girl!!

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