Dr. Squeaky, The Exclusive Interview

Dr. Squeaky was on the scene of a scary outbreak over the weekend. We followed him to the makeshift hospital where he kindly let us photograph a day in the life of one extraordinary physician.

Dr. Squeaky with Spring the Bear

He’s a regular hero in these parts, seeing all patients regardless of species, sickness, or ability to pay.

An assistant to the doctor

“My team is the real secret behind everything I do.”, he admits.

His six year old nurse makes up the daily census.

Patients wait for a chance with the physician

Her five year old counterpart is responsible to assign name tags and directly assist Dr. Squeaky with diagnosing.

With a patient population this diverse and so acutely ill, Dr. Squeaky says there isn’t much they haven’t seen.

But Dr. Squeaky and his team work tirelessly. They won’t stop until every patient is seen and treated.

Dr. Squeaky is modest about his success.

“I just do what my helpers tell me to”, he jokes.

But the pile of grateful animals tells the real story.

And that’s just another day in the life of one extraordinary physician.


2 thoughts on “Dr. Squeaky, The Exclusive Interview

  1. Lucky Dr Squeaky resides in those parts… :”) You could have a house of understuffed critters! :”)

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