Song of My Windchimes


They fought with each other, this Earth and the Sky.

Out the window I saw it, Sky flinging rain by.

I wondered why such rage, as it shouted and cried.

Then I saw something green, growing strong, and I smiled.


You see, Sky’s been in charge here, this whole winter gone by.

It’s been freezing and blowing, and sucking Earth dry

It sieges the ground, turns to dust what was life.

And so it thinks every year, Sky’s won and Earth’s died.


But I’m in on a secret, and don’t I feel sly

That more runs this world than the strength of the sky.

There’s an army emerging, growing greener with time.

They nod in the breeze, their secret is mine.


And today the Sky saw us, it throws my wind chimes

But the songbirds are back now, they ignore it and fly

They sit in the branches, little leaves small and bright

Singing songs with my windchimes, Spring has conquered the Sky.


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