A Winter Spring Break

My kindergartener has spring break in February. It makes no sense to me.

It makes even less sense to my kindergartener. She was especially disappointed when she realized that her big sister, the playmate of her soul, does not have spring break until… spring.

Last night I told Doc that I foresaw a long week ahead for my girlie and myself. This morning she proved me right.

7am, Monday morning:

  “Mama, can I stay in bed today? I don’t want to get out of bed if Sissy isn’t going to be home.”

7:15am, Monday morning:

“I’m bored”

Me: “Your sister’s not even gone yet.”

Oh, yeah.”

8:05am, Monday morning:

When is my birthday again?”

8:25am, Monday morning:

Is it Friday yet?”

And that’s how the day has gone, all day long…

They are so going to the same school next year.


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