I’m Doing It Too

Since I’ve posted exclusively each about my other two, I had to include some photos of this one.

But, to be honest, I fought it because pictures like this make my heart hurt a little, in a good way. She’s growing up very fast all of the sudden.

Everything those older ladies at the grocery store say to you is true! And even cynical me is beginning to understand that look behind their eyes when they talk about “When mine were that size…”, because I’m starting to do The Very Same Thing.

(somebody smack me, please?)


3 thoughts on “I’m Doing It Too

  1. Do I sense empathy for those of us who have watched our little ones grow and move away? :”) She is beautiful and growing up way too fast!!!

  2. Are you trying to make me cry? : )
    She really is growing up………I guess that is what they are suppose to do! Love her so very much!
    Beautiful pictures! I love the smile missing a tooth.

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