What To Do

Speaking of fourteen month olds…

This mama gets nothing done so long as this child is awake and roaming. Except maybe take photos, like this one of this face he’ll do on demand:

If he gets even an inkling that I’m paying the tiniest bit of attention to what he’s doing, he wants it all; and if he doesn’t get all of my attention, he gets angry.

(See examples below)

Mama Not Paying Complete Attention:

Mama Paying Complete Attention:

If I ignore his angry faces for long enough, he’ll occasionally move on. Usually to tractors,

sometimes to Deep Thoughts,

often to Barbie,

(don’t let his Daddy see that one)

Then back to tractors again, begging food, or pulling off socks, or emptying some container that was full for a reason and throwing the contents as far as his chubby arms can chuck ’em.

This totally highlights the dilemma of mothers-of-fourteen-month-olds everywhere: how to both appreciate their antics and get something done once in a while?

I don’t have the answer, obviously, because I’ve spent the last hour laying on the floor and standing on furniture and being stealthy as can be so that a certain munchkin wouldn’t get distracted by the camera, all to photograph those antics. (Except maybe assure the neighbors who might have seen in the window that I am, indeed, a little crazy :)

But if you can’t beat ’em, you might as well join ’em!


3 thoughts on “What To Do

  1. These are adorable! He is growing up so fast. Love his smile…….just love him so much too. The Barbie picture is so cute!

  2. Too cute! And don’t worry about the Barbie stuff, his daddy used to play with them at our house when he was little. ;)

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