Food, Tractors, and Anything But Girls

That’s what my son lives for at fourteen months of age.

I feel displaced.

When my in-laws came a few weeks ago, there was no one in the room for this boy except his Papa and his Daddy. Some boys came over for a little while last week and this may be the only documented period of time where this child has ever sat still (other than… eating).

The only times of day he smiles, with few exceptions, are when you wrestle on his bib and set food on his tray.

Well, he smiles biggest at food, but he gets so excited at seeing tractors, too.

Doc took us to an ag expo this weekend (I picked up free tickets at the thrift store- yeah!) and those two were in heaven.  There was farm equipment, pulled pork barbecue, and other people that weren’t girls, everywhere.

Maybe this is normal for a boy. I have no idea, seeing as how I have three sisters, Doc has another sister, and my first two kids are girls.

But one thing I know is, my boy doesn’t like ’em. And maybe I’d be smart to encourage that for a while longer :)


2 thoughts on “Food, Tractors, and Anything But Girls

  1. SO CUTE!!
    And I feel you. Liam already thinks that the coolest thing in the world is to be flopped onto the bed, tossed and flown around, or to growl with his daddy and he YELLS at night while his diaper is being changed. Not crying, just yelling happily. Boys . . . hehe.

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