The Cure

I got distracted tonight, and supper smells like a burnt hamburger. But I think I’ve discovered the cure for a dreaded winter disease. You know, the one that oozes into your house mid-February and makes you forget that there are more colors outside than just gray, brown, and… gray?

Well, here it is:

The Cure!

You should try it. Something about permanent marker circles in a seed catalogue makes the symptoms go away.

I see green now, and believe with all my heart that Spring will come again.

I don’t care that supper’s late, that my baby’s upper lip is a waterfall of snot, or even that between it and him I’ve been writing in half-sentence snippets and it’s taken almost an hour to post a few paragraphs to a blog. There are baby plants to be nurtured and the most beautiful garden in the world to be tilled in a few, short, weeks!!

That’s a stretch.


That’s better.

(Can anyone relate? Or is it just me that’s got the Crazies?)


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