There’s a Hurricane Outside

Blue skies, 50 degrees, and the way this house is shaking, I think we might be in for a Montana hurricane.

Okay, maybe I just wanted an excuse to post pictures of certain brown-eyed baby that’s been on a nap strike for a little over a week:

He got a tractor for Christmas. He calls it his “duh-duh”.

He’s awake, too soon, as we speak and I’m hoping that he’ll take the hint that I’m not picking him up so that I don’t have to make a decision about whether or not to:

1.) Get him up and endure a cranky baby until suppertime


2.) Hope he’ll go back to sleep but risk him crying for a good long while if he doesn’t.



I can’t make them.

Please don’t ever make me President.


3 thoughts on “There’s a Hurricane Outside

  1. He looks like he is ready to help his papa on the farm. Really cute pictures. I think he just gets more and more handsome every time I see him.

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