More Pictures, Real Quick

I don’t have anything to say (ha! Okay so I always have something to say…), but here are some pictures real quick before I pick up my oldest girlie from school on this clear & cold Montana afternoon:

We flew in and out of Appalachia in a weekend. It had just rained inches before we got there and wasn’t too cold, so it felt more like Spring than almost Christmas.

This sweet little boy was the biggest reason we loaded us all up and sprinted back and forth like crazy people.  He was born last month and we had to see him!

My brother-in-law graciously took several hours off of studying for exams so we could crash their house and cuddle with the new baby.

Punkersnoodle here helped feed the cows.

He also whacked the flight attendant on the rear when she parked the beverage cart beside our seat and turned to serve drinks.

My oldest helped Papa feed the calves.

We got to see family.

And more family (which is turning into… more… and more family).

There was time to play in the mud a bit and it felt good to sit in Doc’s old Xterra (with a not-so-big lift anymore).

He dug out a Mongolian garb that someone made for him in Mongolia (who goes to Mongolia anyway?) and after wearing it for an hour, I’m ready to move there.

And can I brag on my middle child a bit? She took this picture (above) and I think it’s a great composition! Even if the subject does look a little bit ridiculous…

We pulled off the road at the corner of Callaway and Bethlehem because there’s this old building I’ve eyeballed for the past eight years that we’ve driven by it, and I finally got a picture.

Okay so maybe I had plenty to say.

If I didn’t have to drive over to the school now to pick up my oldest, you’d be subjected to even more =) But my Middle Child is mixing water and milk and old flower stems she carried in from the front yard in the sink as we speak… so…. it’s time for me to go be responsible for a little while and act like I’m in charge….


3 thoughts on “More Pictures, Real Quick

  1. Miss you too EJ! Justin worked his first 30 hour shift since residency and I had forgotten how utterly terrible some parts of residency could be…. I’m so glad you’re almost done!!

  2. Yeah! Thanks for posting! So glad you guys got a chance to visit the new nephew! He looks precious. Miss you guys terribly. Hope all is well. Take care! -EJ

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