So Fall Does Come To Montana

Not that it’s ever taken a year off since I can remember, but I was getting antsy.

And finally, arriving last weekend, Fall topped the Beartooths with snow that will keep them white until the Spring, geese spread themselves over the bare cornfields with more coming and going every day, we can drive to the river and find Aspens and Cottonwoods all golden.

And there are pumpkins!

You have to go looking for them a little bit harder is all.

We brought our ten month old Baby Dinosaur along pumpkin-patching, something I was excited to do with the family, but he wasn’t terribly impressed with the pumpkins, the rascal.

But he thought the dirt on them was plenty tasty.

And the wagon ride was pretty fun, too.

Doc was delighted to be able to say that we have driven down a dirt road every single weekend since we moved out here. This one to the pumpkin patch brought you alongside sunflowers bowing low to the new frost and the changing air, I thought they were beautiful.

So fall does come to Montana, there was no need to worry after all :)


3 thoughts on “So Fall Does Come To Montana

  1. I think it’s clear that yet another reason why God wanted you to move was so that you could take pictures of His awesome creation. They must make Him smile. They sure do make me… thanks for sharing!!!

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