The Nice Thing About Living Near Things

Is that you get to show off cool things like a local. Because you are one.Even if you have only lived there for a few months!

My in-laws came to town and we all drove around Yellowstone over the weekend. It was nice to see them again and have an excuse to leave town for a few days.

If you haven’t been, I’m offering you a free place to stay so you can go visit (if you’ll take me and the munchkins along, that is). Yellowstone has some wild stuff that every American needs to see.

Deeda and the girls found some cuddly little animals to play with. Who knew?

I got a gloriously large latte every morning on our way out of West Yellowstone and we had the luxury of free time to just stop and watch anything interesting we happened to see.
What a wild place! You’ll be driving happily along through mountains and herds of huge animals, you’ll see beautiful rivers and thousands of acres of pine forests, then you’ll come around a bend and see something totally random like this (the above photo, that is).

Papa took a liking to my oldest Girlie’s doll. She let him carry it around for a while :)

We packed sandwiches in a cooler and even got to do a little adventuring.

My oldest girlie is on a boardwalk over some hot springs. There’s no way to describe the bizarreness of this place. It’s no wonder folks back east didn’t believe the stories of Yellowstone from the earliest white explorers.

No grizzlies but we did see a huge black bear.

It was the first time I’ve seen Old Faithful and it made me cry.

But I’ll venture that I’m not the first person who felt that way the first time they saw it :)

We saw so many places where water boiled up over the ground from who-knows-where. In some places it made pools like this one.

In other places it oozed through the dirt and the wind blew its clouds of sulphur-steam over the boardwalks.And in other places, the water doesn’t move, it just turns colors.

I like the democracy of being in a national park.

I dislike the magnificent lenses half the people there whip out and how it causes you, who were perfectly delighted with your nice SLR camera and handy little prime lens, to feel like yours is all of the sudden too, too small.

I love how visiting national parks is a good excuse to bundle your kids and the people that you love into one vehicle together and get into some beautiful creation.


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