On Having More Than Two

Something about that third munchkin just changes things, and I’ve spoken with plenty of fellow parents who are with me on that one. Examples:

– You’re now outnumbered, all of the time.

-You accidentally wear your apron out in public.

-Lugging the dang carseat in and out took some major getting used to after your first baby was born. Now just one baby along is a date!

-It’s a two-man job to cut up everyone’s supper.

-Supper’s cold by the time everyone’s food is cut to their appropriate sizes.

-Strangers ask you if they’re all yours. Even more so when they don’t all look alike.

-Picking up stuff on the floor is an exercise in futility.

-Your marriage turns into a comradery and that’s kinda fun.

-You love creating and thought you needed to sew/photograph/write things to breathe, but you haven’t created anything in weeks and you’re remarkably still alive.

-It’s a flat out miracle when everyone’s asleep at the same time.

-You have a sudden, but explainable connection to complete strangers who are in the same boat as you are. Particularly in restaurants.

-You get halfway through a blog post and a tiny person with a cry capable of waking not only your house, but all of your neighbors, wakes up and cries for you…..

-(You write said blog posts because you have nothing else to write about, and you love that about your life)


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