First Day, First Grade

My heart scootered along a sidewalk up in front of me this morning.

And let me tell you, it doesn’t like being pulled along like that. It likes to stay all in one place, thank you very much!

All in one piece- all quietly, noisily together in the living room of whatever house we happen to presently call Home.

Do I think that I watch over her more carefully than God does?

I realized today, releasing her hand into that wide-eyed crowd of children washed bright by the early Montana sun, that I do.

So first grade will be some learning for us both, I think.

(But Deep Feelings aside…. she had a great day!)


One thought on “First Day, First Grade

  1. You are a good mama, and your are right, God knows and is in control. That is a great comfort!!! :”)

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