A Few More Montana Pictures

We went sofa shopping and found this lovely 60’s sofabed for a steal of a deal. Not only was it nice to have somewhere to sit besides our camp chairs the three weeks until our stuff arrived, but it was nice to have somewhere to sleep thanks to the pull out mattress.

Doc had rented a cabin in the Tobacco Root Mountains for a week and what perfect timing it was. It was a celebration that the five of us made it through medical school and residency intact and still happy with each other. We were seven miles up a dirt road, not another house in sight.

We drove out to Virginia City & Nevada City and did the tourist thing. What cool little western towns. Most of the old buildings are still up, many still decorated with stuff they had back in their mining town heyday.Did I mention the cabin was in a beautiful, beautiful spot?(These photos are so out of order but I don’t have time to put them in anything logical!)

Supper on the floor. I’m glad to have a table and chairs again!

A sunset from our cabin. The clouds burned hot cinders into ash, it was touchably close.
Her eyes are bluer than the sky. Sometimes I think she must know it :)
Virginia City and one little girl was excited to be there!Our cabin. The Suburban broke down and crept into a town about 15 miles from Billings on our way out of the Beartooths the first week here. Thankfully she chose this place to do so and not a cornfield in the Middle of Nowhere!

More later!


2 thoughts on “A Few More Montana Pictures

  1. Love this posting, Julia. I was fascinated with Virginia City when we visited it back around 1972-I have many stories about that trip :-)

  2. I have tears in my eyes. Joy and missingness combined. I love you guys so much and I am so thankful for our friendship. God is so good and I am thrilled that you guys are finding your nitch. You are awesome, Juli! I love you girl.

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