These Few Weeks Past


I’ll try not to get carried away with verboseness this evening. It’s late. You’re probably tired, too!

In case you wanted to see these crazy munchkins of mine and how they spent their July, here are (way too many) pictures for you:

Fireworks on the 4th!

I *thought* we could quietly watch from what I thought would be an empty field, but as it turned out, my girlies wore their jammies to see fireworks in the same empty field the rest of the town had thought of to be a good place to watch from. It was a bad mother moment. But they sure were cozy.

Main Street 4th of July parade in Hendo.

Dear friends holding a BBQ in honor of Independence Day and the graduated residents.

I never want to see another box again.

But “grace is everywhere”, it’s not hard to find.

I set out early to find some of God’s handiwork in the morning fog before we left sweet Virginia, I needed to say goodbye to it Southern style, but the calves thought the camera was all for them. So I indulged them :)

A camera bag makes a good bookbag if you take the camera out.

Pointless discovery?


First traffic jam not even an hour into our trip. Big Sky Country never sounded so good.

Johnny got these little racecar shoes and he loved them so much, we let him drive some!

We let them use an old digital camera of ours and Ginia spent the memory card up in the first few days taking pictures of the DVD player and her feet.

We spent the night in Ohio, my fellers hung out with my Dad a little bit. I love seeing them all getting along just fine.

We drove out of Dayton and I took this that day on road to Des Moines. I started to see some real sky in Iowa and couldn’t stop smiling.

That Iowa sun streaks long and low past four in the afternoon. It’s the sunsets that I missed moving to the Subtropics, the light just before it’s rays bend and disappear. Sky, too.

The Missouri River was flooded worse than I realized. The interstate was below the waterline in places and I got streaky photos of the bagged walls holding back river.

I have family in South Dakota. Maybe all this craving for sky and open grass, for amber sunrays stretching golden and late, is in my blood.

*Admittedly sentimental*

But I love South Dakota.

The Badlands are ruins of ancient cathedrals, they lean over me and I’m only dust. Sky opens arms over the ruins and they are but rocks. Creator threads those streaks of clouds and haze between open fingers, He moves and twists and weaves, always changing, always there. Such a cathedral!

They found “Shaky Flower” heaven in this field. They’re all red from the sun, it feels closer here.

My in-laws offered to drive our other car and we unhesitatingly said, “YES!”. It was a fun little caravan.

They might have seen me stick my head out the window, interstate wind blowing wild but I couldn’t resist. This sky intoxicates, it’s too beautiful for pictures or words.

Here’s an afternoon over Beartooth Pass. We made it to Montana without incident, and we’re steadily falling in love.

I think we all needed this.

Papa held Johnny close. We were up high and it was cold, his little brown feet turned right blue. (Forgetting the infant’s jacket= another bad mother moment)

To be continued….







5 thoughts on “These Few Weeks Past

  1. Goodness I’ve missed you, your photos, and your bloggin ;) I so look forward to your updates!! Praying for you all!!!

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