A Gift, A Prayer

I had a thought just the other day.

Always, a thought!

Maybe better said, a prayer. 

It’s Mother’s Day, after all :)

I want to give my three the gift of allowing them to be exactly who God made them to be.

Nothing more, and nothing less.

Am I the only mama that finds myself surprised that they don’t fill my expectations sometimes? As if my expectations are The Standard and if they don’t measure up I need to manufacture excuses as to why I was wrong about who they are? Or somehow convey to them that my eyes only shine if they’re meeting what I dictate is delightful?

These three are precious, absolutely unique and exquisite little treasures that I’m eager to watch come unfolded, unwrapped and full of life.

May they find unconditional love here, love that’s just an overflow of what’s been overwhelmingly and freely given to this basketcase of a mama.


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