Travel Bug

This time last year we were driving across the country and seeing these pictures makes me wanna do it all again, baby.

We drove from Carolina to Washington, stayed a month, then drove back.

The wonderful thing about this kind of a trip is that one gets to know their Country on a different level.

The trip for me was like knowing someone elderly my whole life and thinking they were sweet, bless their heart- then suddenly being shown a film of their life from birth to where they’re at now that lasted for hours and days. Learning about their family, how they grew up changes the way you respect them and think towards them versus if all you knew about them was what you took at face value.

I got to know our country a little bit better on this trip and I hope it doesn’t sound like a stretch to you if I told you that through our travels I got to know God a little bit better too.

I blogged a little bit about our trip last year en route, here and here (and in several other places for that matter but… that’s all the digging I’m doing right now!). I was just perusing all those happy memories on Flickr, and felt led to share….  about the travel bug… that I hope either goes away or fulfills itself soon!



5 thoughts on “Travel Bug

  1. Ahh, the travel bug. We love the travel bug. I think we inadvertently adopted it and took it in as a pet a few years ago.. :-)

    So many places and memories.

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