Residency is Almost Over!

We’re definitely leaving our beautiful Carolina mountains and funny little house this summer. It’s exciting!

Residency is almost over and a chapter in our life as a family is almost over too. Med school and residency have been hard, no question about that. But there’s a beauty about them that I think we’re going to miss when it’s all over.

And that’s scenes like this:

The families of the residency become one big family, especially in a small residency like Doc’s in a smallish town like ours.  We’ve spent Christmas Eve dinners, birthdays, holidays, births, and everything in between together because we had to.  The hospital never stops running which means the residents’ families’ lives are controlled by who is running the hospital when. And someone is always there.

Someone once likened residency to an arranged marriage.  I couldn’t say it better than that!  Over half of us live within a mile of each other, the hours our husbands (or… wives- there are She Residents too!) keep requires a very strong support system. Many of us can walk to each others’ houses as quickly as we can drive there, and so often we do to drop off our kids if our kids are driving us insane or to just say hi and eat something together.

Another cool thing about this arranged marriage, after camaraderie of it, is the variety of people you become close to.

People from areas of the country I know nothing about, people from countries I know very little about, different stages of life and experiences, spouses (I hate the word “spouse”) with hobbies and professions I knew so little about-  are now sharing Thanksgiving dinner and borrowing each others’ washers when one breaks and bringing each other food when they have babies.

I’m a lucky girl to have lived in this community of people so different but with this crazy lifestyle called residency in common.

I’m so excited that Doc is almost finished with residency. Excited, and relishing our last few months with these lovely people and this strange little world of ours called residency.


8 thoughts on “Residency is Almost Over!

  1. Hey Eric- the three of you are missed! It it not the same here since you all left. I can’t even imagine how different Avery must be now since I saw him last.

  2. Loved this post – great pics, too. I miss being there with you all and I know Lauren does, too!

  3. Sniff snifffffffff
    I am going to miss you guys but I am so thankful for the friendship that we have made. You are so great and I love you a lot ;0)

  4. So many things to say about this! But you captured it well. Med school definitely has a special place in my heart, haven’t figured out if residency does yet! But I am loving my time here just the same and my resident wife friends are so important. So do tell…do you know where you are going?! I love hearing where people are headed and that residency actually DOES end!

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