Happy Four Months Old!

Four months ago today I was spending my baby boy’s first night at the hospital with him.

I still couldn’t believe what had just happened.

Remember this?


She still does this from time to time by the way.

He did a TON of this:

And we did a ton of this:

And now he’s sleeping through the night, a little grouchy in the morning but taking an awesome afternoon nap and is sooo so happy after that.

And when he’s well rested, he’s a jabbering, observant little boy who loves watching his sisters play and gets shy when strangers try to make him smile.

Happy four month birthday Munchkin!



3 thoughts on “Happy Four Months Old!

  1. 4 months have flown by…cute!!! I love the 3 of them together with Johnny wearing a big smile!!!

  2. btw: I think you should make sure to save the picture of Ginia Mae with the paci and use it some how when she gets married! : )

  3. Happy Four Months to our sweet little blessing, Jonathan Haven. Love you so, so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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