I was delighted to discover that I’m not alone:  This is the same look I get on my face when I’m concentrating!

Punkersnoodle understands.  It’s all in the tongue. It keeps me grounded, focused, these thousands of colorful ideas all jockeying for attention in my brain momentarily held at bay so I can channel the occasional important ones somewhere useful, for crying out loud.

Which reminds me of a totally illuminating conversation Doc and I had recently.  The gist of it is that I cannot think linearly, but he has to.  I have about twelve things going at any given time in my brain and he has one.  He has a list and he moves from one to the next, to the next, to the next and that’s what makes him the efficient Machine that he is.  I have…. I can’t quite describe it but it’s more like a tie dye T-shirt of ideas going all at once. It’s an explosion of colors, textures, dimensions and deep thoughts that just never, never stops. Doc’s list never stops either which is why sometimes we have to resort to Hulu on the laptop, sitting up in bed at the end of the day, watching something completely mindless like The Biggest Loser or The Office just to keep him from finding a task to complete and me from enacting some haywire idea I’d had three days ago and been thinking about since then alongside eighteen other ideas.

We’re crazy, that’s why we love each other.

Okay so maybe Punkersnoodle is just going through a normal three month old stage of development. He’ll likely outgrow that look soon.

Apparently I went through that phase and it’s stuck.



3 thoughts on “Concentrating

  1. I love you’re tie dye illustration – I may need borrow it… I have the same thing. My brain never stops and it always has a thousand thoughts all going on at the same time. :) Glad to know that other people share this oddity with me!

  2. Julie…You are right…you have been doing that since you were about johnnys age…dad does it too! :”) That little guy is way too cute!!!! :”)

  3. This is too cute. Little punkersnoodle is adorable!!!!!!! Have you ever noticed his papa when he is concentrating on something (like moving furniture), how much he uses his tongue! Just something else that the two of them have in common.

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