Spring Is Very Welcome

I think it’s coming! Look:

My second Girlie found some flowers to prove it! It snowed here early this morning, but these are resilient little buggers.

And look:

I cheated somewhat and bought this thing at Lowe’s to prepare for our open house a few weekends ago and it’s not dead yet!

We’ve broken out the hammock, the girls have been playing outside more,  and Doc has a much, much easier schedule this month (woohoo!).

Winter reminded me that it’s going nowhere just yet and my baby, the sole child of mine unscathed by this Mystery Coughing Fever Illness that’s ravaged our circle of friends and playmates, is now coughing and feverishly miserable.

Yes, Spring is very welcome here with all it’s flowers and sunshine and I *think*, just maybe, that it’s right around the corner.




One thought on “Spring Is Very Welcome

  1. Julibee I sure do hope you are right about Spring!!! Hope the little guy feels better soon. :”)

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