Cute Baby Pictures Because You Want To See Them

I finally broke out the camera over the weekend and I’m so glad I did. It’s been quite the week.  Montana is back in the runnings for a potential job this summer, Punkersnoodle is full of all sorts of new tricks (namely jabbering thoughtfully and sticking out his tongue), and our washer backed up again.

And thrillingly to this mama’s soul:  my munchkin has a breastmilk donor.  How cool is that?! While I wasn’t going to cry about it or anything, I was disappointed that all he’s ever gotten in life is formula. But not anymore :)

And it’s not just anyone.

It’s from a nurse that had a lot to do with hooking us up with our son’s birthmom.  The girls call her his fairygodmother.

And here are some pictures of Punkersnoodle. He’s getting cuter and is starting to talk in this husky little voice.  Husky?! Yes! It’s adorable.

He was a happy pumpkin today.

Did I tell you he’s found his tongue? When he’s happy he’s either sucking on his fists *very* loudly (which makes me laugh), talking, or holding his tongue out and making us all laugh.

Here his big sister is playing with him and making him laugh. My oldest loves to say sweet things to him and talk to him like a baby. He obviously loves her back.

And this one prefers to steal the show at this point in her four year old life. She does a good job of it, too.

This is my little boy. His eyes are so dark I wonder sometimes if they aren’t black.

I’m thankful every day for his existence.

And I have more pictures but I’ve run out of time, so I’ll try to get some more up soon!

And… I’ve been thinking about posting a tutorial on how to make bread. It’s something I’ve been asked a bunch of times but it’s very hard to explain over the phone. It’s probably hard to explain on a blog too, but I’ll do my best.

Anyway, have a wonderful week!


4 thoughts on “Cute Baby Pictures Because You Want To See Them

  1. Cole’s eyes are dark like his–Abbie once captured a picture of him with the reflection of the clouds and blue sky in his eyes. He is sooooooooo adorable! Miss you guys and wish we had just one afternoon to spend together!

  2. I got the computer out a little while ago to show PaPa your pictures of his son reading to his grandchildren and saw that you have posted more. Thank you for posting. Jonathan is really starting to be a ham! Love his little tongue and his eyes are so dark and beautiful. Praying for you all………. : )

  3. Montana????? Well… I should be happy for you, but I must be honest…that is too far!!!! ;”0 . The pictures are adorable. Yes you have promised a few recipes for bread…sprouted wheat, if my memory serves me right. :”)

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