The Mystery Wallhanging

I posted a folded up half sewn picture of this and I finally got a picture of it unfurled and hanging over the fireplace.

I stole the idea of turning strips into hills from a quilt made by my friend Laura, who you might remember made this for my boy. She’s very creative and I steal her ideas from time to time.

I made it to commemorate our family’s time up and down the Blue Ridge, which has been all 6.5 years of our marriage.  Doc proposed to me on Roanoke Mountain in Virginia and if you’ve ever been to the city of Roanoke, you’ll see a big lit up star on a mountain overlooking the city.  It sounds random but it’s charming.

Anyway, the quilt is like my little witness of God’s faithfulness to us in all of our adventures as far north on the Blue Ridge as Charlottesville, VA, in Roanoke where my man proposed, and as far south as our Carolina town that we love.  And as we’re fixing up to leave this funny little house of ours and our awesome neighborhood where I can’t help but talk to a bunch of my neighbors each and every day,  it’s hard to be genuinely sad, because every big transition in our lives up to this point has been tough but so rich and surprising.

And besides, we have my silly quilt to remind us of this place that we love. And I’m looking forward to seeing where it hangs next.



2 thoughts on “The Mystery Wallhanging

  1. We found that to be true as we moved from place to place. It is an adventure, one you are privileged to travel, specially designed by our God. Bitter and sweet…:”) We too are enjoying being a part of your story!!! Adventure ON!!!! :”)

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