Saved my butt.

Why she drives 7.5 hours through the plains of Ohio, the trailers of Kentucky, the traffic of Tennessee and the mountains of sweet Carolina to rescue the sister who once (okay twice) busted her chin open (we’re talking two decades ago), I can’t explain to you.

Maybe this sister thing has something to do with it?

We had some guys doing work on the kitchen in preparation for putting our house up for sale, which meant my stove and fridge were in the playroom and assorted other kitchen stuff was out on the porch.  It took them the better part of a week to pull my kitchen,  and therefore my life, back together.

Bop cooked us dinner on a single burner hotplate, split homemade cappucinos with me just to make me feel good about my addictions, played Narnia with the girls in the backyard, loved Pundersnoodle even after changing two diapers that were so bad she couldn’t find words to describe them other than “wow”, packed up my junk in the attic, and shared a bowl of buttery popcorn with me while I tortuously explained the plot of Winter’s Bone to her.

Big sisters, you probably understand.

And little sisters you probably… understand.

She’s a beautiful person and she wants to move to Alaska.  I’m hurtin’ this week without her, bigtime.  But our house was ready to go by the time she left.  That absolutely would not have been the case had she stayed home and actually gotten some sleep.

And speaking of sleep, my baby just might be getting the hang of naps that last longer than 15 minutes. Which is why I’m writing a blog post right now and have only had one cup of coffee today.

And before you go…  just to clarify…

The chin thing was an accident. Both times. She still has a scar. It still makes me cringe. But what else are sisters for?

She still drives down to save my butt. And changes her nephews awful diapers and plays Narnia with my girls.  And doesn’t bring up the fact that I bounced her too high on the see-saw one time and played football too roughly with her back in the day.

But then again, what else are sisters for?




5 thoughts on “Bop

  1. Beautiful pictures :)!! I think its been YEARS since I have seen pictures like this of you Bop :)! Julie, maybe we could split the cost and share her throughout the year as a full-time nanny. Bop, you have no say.

  2. I hope the chick wins an oscar. I don’t think she will because she didn’t show enough skin in the movie :) But I hope she does :)

  3. Julie, the chin thing actually happened when I was standing by the teeter-totter. You sat down and the opposite end hit my chin… I forgive you, though. ;) And watching Winter’s Bone wasn’t torturous at all! It was a good movie. Slightly morbid. But good.

  4. I know she had a great time being with you and your family…but the dogs really greeted her when she returned. They are going to feel so neglected when she leaves in April!!! The little ones are growing way too fast!!! Talk to you soon! :”)

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