A Few Pictures

Munchkin would rather me hold him and walk figure eights around the house than take pictures of him, edit them, and blog about them.  And who can blame him?

But I’m setting him down for a fretful moment so I can update my mother and you on some cute kiddos and their goings-on these ages past.

So we still don’t exactly know *where* we’re moving this summer but we have a good idea so I jumped the gun a little bit. I found an old farmhouse with some cheap land for sale by owner so we drove out and saw it last weekend.  I loved the old barns, the old mountains, the old house, the mud road.

I didn’t love the super old electricity, the fact that the current tenants have to shut up the second floor in cold weather and not live there because the old woodstove downstairs doesn’t reach that far and there’s zero insulation, or the old front porch that was like,  falling off. If the property had been priced oh, about half what they were asking, maybe. But no.

Here’s the very very tall child that I’m now feeding with one hand (therefore typing with one hand so excuse typos pwease).

He thinks his Daddy is the most wonderful thing in his little world, perhaps only second to bottles.  His Daddy is pretty partial, too.



3 thoughts on “A Few Pictures

  1. Johnny is so stinkin cute!!!! He is growing up so fast. Justin looks so happy with him too. I love it ;)

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