Not 30 Yet: A List

He prefers to be outside
He walks with fast short steps when he’s working at the hospital
He pushes his hat back on his head like a country boy when he’s not at the hospital
He has kind eyes
He can’t burp
He wears Carhartt well
He thinks super fast
He caught his first baby in Mongolia (seriously)
He does push-ups and pull-ups just to make me swoon
He can do about a million push-ups and pull-ups
He reads all the time
He can’t dance to save his life
He looks good holding a baby
So I keep giving him more and more babies to hold…
His birthday is tomorrow!!!


8 thoughts on “Not 30 Yet: A List

  1. Happy Birthday…hard to believe the little boy who helped plant day lillies with me is now a MAN. God has blessed you sooooo much and you deserve every bit of it. With love, LEE also known as you know what (no smart remarks).

  2. Happy Birthday to my birthday buddy! I have hit 30 already. Hope you both share a wonderful day together. I am looking forward to the warmest birthday I think I have ever had–supposed to be around 75 degrees.

  3. Happy Birthday to one of my greatest blessings!!!!!!
    I remember the day well. : -)
    Thanks for posting and for being a good wife for Justin.

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