Snow in the South

These little Carolina mountains I’ve called home lately have seen some durn good snowfalls this year and last.   They remind me of the snows in Ohio growing up.  Does anyone else remember how deep it used to snow, then it didn’t snow at all for like fifteen years?


Well I think the snow is back.  Last year we had four major storms. This year it’s not halfway through January and we’ve had several decent snows.  And we’ve been enjoying them, too!

Doc took the camera snowshoeing and came back with these pictures.

The girlies went sledding while I took pictures and Punkersnoodle slept in his sling.

They went down the sled hill without Daddy, together at first, then completely by themselves.

My oldest went first, which is the story of her life. She wiped out fairly hard, I caught my breath, then she stood up and shouted- “That was fun!”.

Then Doc told her that if she was big enough to go down by herself, she was big enough to drag the sled back up by herself.  He believes in hard work.  I think it’s a resident thing.

My Middle Child went second, which is the story of her life.

She got snow in her face then wiped out halfway down.

She hates snow in her face.

But she was okay and didn’t freak out, which was a big deal.

She didn’t freak out when she got her flu shot a few weeks ago, which is a really really big deal.  Up until then she was a clinic legend.

Anyway, Happy Snow day!


3 thoughts on “Snow in the South

  1. Beautiful scenery pictures that Justin took. How did he like snow shoeing? Tell Gillian I am proud of her for pulling her sled back up the hill all by herself (that’s a hard job). Tell Ginia that was a pretty impressive wipeout and that I am proud of her for not getting too upset. : )

  2. Love the pics! Um, I must admit I do not miss snow. It’s supposed to be 75 degrees here Saturday which sounds perfect to me.
    Ray and I were telling some friends about the first time we really met– you got into our car not knowing where we are headed–there’s probably some lesson you could get out of that experience!

  3. I am glad someone is enjoying the snow…poor little Ginia!!!! Pretty scenic type photos that Justin shot. :”)

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