Not Ethiopia Or Montana…

I decided to ramble today because I love you and I know you want to hear it. ;)  Or maybe because my four year old won’t sit still long enough to hear me sort out my thoughts.

Doc and I decided to adopt a toddler boy from Ethiopia.  We wanted to, we felt led by God, so it was a no-brainer.  We walked away with a brand new baby from a hospital one mile from our house.  No flights to Africa, no language barriers, no Ethiopia.  But our precious plans didn’t come in between us and that little boy we met seven weeks ago.  When we met him, all was Right.  Plans flew out the window, but we didn’t even notice.

We travelled a few places over the summer looking for a place to live this coming summer since Doc is finishing up residency in June.  Due to his scholarship obligations, he can only go to places the government has deemed to be super needy for doctors.

And we settled on an Indian Health Service hospital in Middle of Nowhere, Montana.  Now, suddenly,  it’s on the brink of shutting down.  We can’t go there anymore. But strangely- Providentially, I think- a place an hour up the road from our house just opened up that qualifies as a super needy place.  We still don’t know if it will work out for us to move there, but, if it does,  that will be the second major life decision that didn’t go At All the way we planned.

Not nearly as dramatic and crazy as moving across the country to the prairie and working with a culture so different than our own.  But then again God doesn’t often come with drama and flashing colors-  he more often than not shows Himself in a gentle whisper.

We didn’t plan for our third little Miracle, but we wouldn’t have even known about him if someone hadn’t heard that we were adopting in the first place. His adoption isn’t exactly going smoothly-  I have no idea how some things are going to pan out.

God knew all along that it wasn’t Ethiopia, after all, it was Here.  But we had to start the process and get our plans interrupted in order for His plan to work out.  I love that.  It’s not a perfect ride from here-  we still have to actively trust Him as we try to work out the details.

We planned and surrendered ourselves to move to a pretty tough place to live, because we had prayed and thought about it and both felt led and at peace about the decision.  In essence, it’s acted as a placeholder though. If he hadn’t signed on with that hospital in Montana and had signed on with a stable place to work, we never would have heard about this little place an hour away because it hadn’t even been posted until recently.

Once again, our plans that we were excited about didn’t work out, but something better has.

It’s not that we’re perfect people and never stay awake at night worrying about what’s next.  We do! But with everything my life has taken me through, I’ve learned the necessity of moving forward, keeping after God, and surrendering my hopes and plans to Him daily, hourly, and sometimes every other minute.  Otherwise I can’t function.  I just want to curl up in my safe little bubble and only let in and out what I deem is safe.  But not only is that not trusting our Father-  it’s terribly boring!!

Anyway… that’s where we’re at right now.  Not sure of anything, moving forward because it’s the only thing we can do, but praying that God keeps us following hard after Him.   I hope it’s an encouragement to some of you today!

I know lots of y’all are going through tough times, so, from a friend who isn’t going through nearly what you are but makes things dramatic because it’s interesting……..    hang in there :)



4 thoughts on “Not Ethiopia Or Montana…

  1. Great message about waiting on and trusting in God and the pictures are real nice, sis. Keep on keeping on in your life’s journey!

  2. lots going on! loved this post (love the last 2 pictures) keep us posted on your journey. i think medical families (in the beginning with residency and right afterward) is a perfect example of planning, and then not even really knowing where we are going half the time…taking it a couple years at a time….good lessons for us to learn!!

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