Wild Aminals on New Year’s Eve

Here are some zoo pictures to brighten up your first Monday back in the real world (it hit around here pretty hard today!)

Doc loves elephants.

Then he saw a SomethinertheOther-Gibbon and fell in love with their weird ways and cooky sounds and said they’re his new favorite animal.

What does all this say about our relationship I wonder?

Gibbons are super noisy monkey-like critters. If I were lost in a jungle full of SomethinrtheOther Gibbons, I’d think it was haunted with terrors beyond my wildest imagination.  Last time we came my girlies were terrified of them ( I was weirded out a little myself).  This time my oldest had toughened up a bit.

This one, however, watched the spectacle from the safety of Daddy’s shoulders.

We saw a hungry leopard….

Outlandishly tall giraffes….

But forget zoo animals, I took pictures of common gray South Carolina birds.

I like to remember the underdog.

Then we came home, sent all three munchkins to bed, poured some red wine and popped popcorn,  and watched the first two episodes ever of Lost.

And I have to ask you….  Why?

Why Lost?

I disapprove of the hype. Totally and utterly disapprove.

Don’t tell anyone but maybe I’m just a leeeetle bit jealous that everyone on the show is tanned and toned and I’m white as my sewing machine and slump a little in places I’d rather not discuss.

Feel free to disagree…  We can still respect each other and all. But there’s a reason we don’t have a TV,  I’ll just put it that way.  It does bad things for my psyche and makes me feel like a chronic frump.

Thankfully Doc doesn’t think so. He likes me.

Come to think of it, he also likes elephants and Whatchamacall’em Gibbons.


Happy New Year friends!





2 thoughts on “Wild Aminals on New Year’s Eve

  1. If you think those types of shows have that effect on you, imagine the effect they have on your mother. Beautiful pictures!!! :”)

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