Firstly, Munchkin has the best big sisters in the world. They love on him in their own special ways.   My oldest loves, loves, loves to rock him, cuddle and kiss on him.
My middle child feels called to keep baby brother from thinking the world is all about his comfort and needs. When she sees that he’s had his quota of photographs, she’s not shy about jumping between the camera and his face…. just to remind the world that she exists, too.   I’m a middle child, too, so I understand.

Secondly, our Baby is starting to get picky. Yea, demanding even. He absolutely will not tolerate being set down, he requires that I photograph his every waking moment, and his passy just will not do if Mama’s pinky is available.

What? I have sisters? I’m not the only Punkersnoodle worth photographing around here?

Who knew?

My parents came down two weekends ago to meet him and say hi to the girls.

The Girlies got to eat gingerbread cookies before lunchtime which was the highlight of their life.

My friend Arby came up for a few days and we almost got stuck in the woods after dark on a trail we’d never seen before.  That’s another story for another time but we’ve had so many adventures together that it didn’t surprise me at all.

Our family of FIVE (bah!! that’s fun to say!) drove through a Christmas day snowstorm, over the mountains and through lots of woods to get to Papa & Deeda’s house.

We swung by PopPop’s house after leaving Granny’s house so that he could meet his new great-grandson.

When we got home our roof was still white with snow.  Doc has the rest of the week entirely and totally off, and we’re doing absolutely nothing.  Except he went for a run in the freezing cold on icy roads this morning and made me look bad, and I definitely can’t have him outshining me, so now I have to go for a run.

Then I’m going to come home and have a lemon-ginger scone and some hot chocolate and take a nap cause I’m postpartum and need to recover.


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