Meeting Granny

Punkersnoodle met lots of family in Virginia over Christmas.  He liked Granny’s spunk, I could tell, and she liked him back.  Her brother and my pumpkin share the same nickname.  Granny’s brother has kind blue eyes and works hard for a living. It’s a good name to share.

He got a bib from her that says “Handsome like Daddy” and his head smelled like lilacs for days.

He’s met lots of family lately- I’ll post more pictures maybe after I clean up the kitchen from dinner. And fold a load of laundry- two loads now that I think of it.  And snuggle with Doc cause he’s home and that’s dangerous.



2 thoughts on “Meeting Granny

  1. Awwww!!! I sooo wish we could have met him too! It’s so great that you made it to Granny’s and Pop-pop’s though! Can’t wait to see more!

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