Special Somethings

My youngest girlie, now effectively The Middle Child (bless her heart) made a Something that was too small for her intended purpose, so she turned it into a Something Else and when I saw it, I thought that it was brilliant.

I can’t say any more than that because the Somethings she made will be Christmas presents for people she loves.  Her big sister thought it was a cool idea, so she made several Somethings, too.

I love that my Pumpkins create things and are learning how much fun it is to give to people.  So maybe I heavily coerced them to whispered words of sweet encouragement in their ears to keep them going after they had made 0.5 of one of the many they needed to make….  still… they had the idea and they eventually finished it.

And just for the record… not to get off subject or anything here because you know that I’m concise and on target all the time….

….I really truly deep down thought I didn’t want girls.  But I loved helping them with this extra-girlie inspiration of theirs.   I love how my life is going so far-  girls, boy, bunnies, hot feller and all.

Do I have a lesson to be learned from this?


And here I go:

Don’t disregard something just because you don’t understand or want it.

I never thought a photo with so much pink in it would make me smile like this one does…  but it just goes to show that you really never know.  In this particular example of mine, if I had never acquired a female offspring, I would have missed out on a whole lot of Somethings that I didn’t even know existed.  But I’m glad they do.  I’m so, so glad they do and that like it or not at the time, God gave them to me, and He knew I’d thank Him for them someday.








One thought on “Special Somethings

  1. Your blog is absolutely precious! I can totally relate to this blog:). I never thought I wanted boys. In fact, when I found out I was pregnant with my third boy I cried for weeks. When he was born I was totally in love with him, as I am with the other two. We are pregnant for the last time. I will leave it into Gods hands but will still feel blessed if it is a 4 th boy. We miss you guys to pieces,

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