The Weekend Before

Our newest Pumpkin was born on Monday morning last week.  The weekend just before that, life went on as though nothing particularly special was about to happen.   We visited my in-laws so that Doc could ride around on a four wheeler with big guns go hunting  (I even sat in the tree stand with him!) and we could celebrate a Thanksgiving dinner with his mom’s side of the family.

The Girlies played in the huge playground of Papa & Deeda’s farm….

and were their usual mischievous selves.

We ate,  oh did we eat….

and stopped to see Great-Grandma Eavie on our way home.

Little did we know that the next morning we would meet our new Pumpkin.

And that we would no longer have time for frivolity.

Except I feel that blogging is almost as frivolous as photographing oneself in the bathroom mirror of your husbands 92 year old great grandma.

Sleep deprived, friends, not thinking particularly deep thoughts this evening….

I think I’ll go to bed now….


6 thoughts on “The Weekend Before

  1. Love it love it love it love it! I also LOVE it! Don’t you dare stop photo blogging (phlogging??)
    This keeps us connected from the Peach state!

  2. Good night! Hope you sleep well. I enjoyed seeing the pictures. It was a good weekend followed by a wonderful week of excitement.

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