A Few More Pictures…

Just because he’s changing so quickly, here are a few so you can stay caught up!

Firstly, he has a temper.  He hates baths almost as much as he hates having his diaper changed.  I told him he’s going to have to work on that.  Actually he mostly ignores me at this point.

Secondly, he’s had lots of visitors.  His Papa came on Thanksgiving Day and hung out with his first grandson for a while.  I think they liked theirchothers (or in adult speak: each other) (My girlies say ourchothers and theirchothers and it rubs off after a while).

His Auntie Kristen and Uncle Kirk came for the night last weekend too.

Doc had to go back to a full day of work today, but while he was home, he and his boy hung out quite a bit.  Here they are reading a medical journal together.

I’ll get more pictures up as I have the mental capacity to do so.  This little Punkersnoodle is leaving me ever so slightly sleep deprived and anyone who knows me remotely well knows to stay far, far away when I haven’t had my 10+ hours of beauty rest.

Have a great weekend!




11 thoughts on “A Few More Pictures…

  1. he’s soooooo cute. I’m just thrilled for your family. :) what an exciting time of year to have a new little guy!

  2. I have to see him!!! He is so stinkin cute! The boys are excited to have another boy cousin :). Josiah says he will play cars with him :).

  3. He is ADORABLE!!!! And I’m with you on the no-sleep thing . . .those “punkerdoodles” can knock the life out of ya! Kinda sad that you spend most of their early days so sleep-deprived it’s like you’re in a haze – here’s hoping you catch some z’s tonight!!! (oops – I meant “punkersnoodle” :)

  4. I’ve been thinking about the picture of Justin holding Jonathan while he reads the medical journal. I would go to sleep too if I was Jonathan. Sleep on little fella!

  5. Oh, my goodness! He is changing ever so fast!!!!!!! I love the one of Jonathan and his daddy. Jonathan looks very comfy and content. Can’t wait to see him and hold him again.

  6. What an adorable little face. I can’t wait to hold him. He is super cute. Other than the bath, he looks so comfy in your family ;)

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