An Atmosphere of Rejoicing

Our little boy is a whole week old today! Last Monday was a doozy of a day. Our lives changed eternally in a matter of minutes.  And since then there’s been this cool, cool atmosphere of rejoicing wherever we go.

Victoria was on call in the hospital the night we stayed then held a shower for us within days of his birth.  Her email was titled: “AN EMERGENCY BABY SHOWER!!!!!” or something like that.

Laura spent a few hours with my boy and me last Monday evening in the hospital.  She also knitted this little sleepsack for him.  In one day!  My baby thinks it’s a womb.  He loves it.

Everyone wanted to meet him, and everyone who took care of him loved on him so much.

Doc had to work Tuesday afternoon, the same afternoon I was on the phone nonstop for hours with attorneys, social workers, our homestudy agency, and family.  Social workers, doctors and nurses stopped in all afternoon as we got everything set to take him home.  My girlies hung out in the hospital room with me and their baby brother for almost seven hours straight.  Thank God for Max & Ruby.  A friend, who has a baby of her own, bought some coloring books and crayons, a magazine for me, and brought them up to the hospital room so that the girlies could stay occupied while I finished up the paperwork and legal stuff.  She has no idea how helpful that was (THANK YOU KAT!!).

A friend who was a step ahead of us in the Ethiopian adoption process came to visit our new son with her new son, and a latte for me.

Deeda (Doc’s mom) dropped just about everything, drove down and spent several days manning the kitchen, loving on her three grandmunchkins, taking her new grandson for feedings when I was tired, and being a bright presence.

Friends, family,  acquaintances and coworkers have been offering stuff, giving us stuff, calling, sending cards, and just loving on our new baby boy.  What a gift he’s been! And how blessed we’ve been, not only to be given a son, but to witness the beautiful kindness and joy of people we love and even of people we hardly know.

I doubt that I’ll ever post his story beyond saying that we got a call early Monday morning about our little boy just before he was born, we met with some folks at the hospital a few hours later, and officially began caring for him Monday afternoon.

He’s a miracle and a witness of God’s goodness.

Thanks for all of your encouraging words!


6 thoughts on “An Atmosphere of Rejoicing

  1. What an exciting week it was. Little Jonathan is a blessing to all who may be around him. Love him so much.

  2. We were so excited at dance class yesterday… I don’t think I ever got all the girls calmed down! :) And, I think all the other moms had to go out to your new family vehicle lol to take a peek at the sleeping bundle of joy. It is just such a great story! :)

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