He Fits Right In

Other than the fact that I had to run to Target the day he was born and buy one of those pack n’ play/bassinet/diaper changer/all-in-one thingies because we didn’t have anything set up At All for a newborn….

Doc commented rightly that he just fits right in.

Regardless of the fact that Sunday we went to bed not knowing he even existed to Monday being his parents….

He unquestionably completes this little family of ours.

And my goodness, his story….   I can’t wait to tell you his story! But I can barely type this little one-handed, so that’ll have to wait a while.

Oh it’s Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!


5 thoughts on “He Fits Right In

  1. I love you Juli! I love how it’s always an adventure! You all just keep popping into my mind and I giggle and smile. So happy for you all and will continue to pray. Can’t wait to hold the little guy…well, I’m typing with one hand too…so I better go… :o)

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