She’s reading.  My firstborn is reading.

She has two loose teeth.

She’s saying animal now instead of aminal.

And she rolled her eyes at me today.

But she still loves her Rawry.  Thank goodness.

I’m on the brink of telling her to ignore her teacher when she tells her that it’s a banana, not a balana.

Does this make me a bad parent? A hovering mother? Anyone??




4 thoughts on “Milestones

  1. CONCLUSION…..not concusion………regardless of what you might think. I can not stand misspelled wordeeeess

  2. This child just looks soooo much like me, don’t you think? Now, today in my Connect Group (used to be called Sunday School) the discussion was about raising children to be respectful, etc. Two or three ex grade-school teachers in the group were talking about how you could tell a child was being raised correctly by the way they showed respect and told of one child who told the teacher her mother said she (the teacher was just stupid). The teacher said the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. I pray this child will not fall far from the tree because she has a beautiful (in every way) example for a mother. I speak the truth and lie not. I have come to the concusion that you will one day be a famous writer and/or photographer. Justin found a treasure beyond measure when he found you. And so did you when you found him. He was always the sweetest, well-behaved little boy. Hard to believe he is now called “Doc.”

  3. she is SO beautiful! how can she be all grown up? does she like school? i know, i think when they start reading that’s HUGE

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