Miss Sonya and My Conundrum

I had an epiphany-  does that word apply to negative sudden revelations, by the way? Because this’n wasn’t a good epiphany.

I realized that in leaving Sweet Carolina for the Wild Untamed West next summer, we’re leaving some really nice things behind.

Like Miss Sonya’s.

My Girlies have taken dance from Miss Sonya for going on three years now and they love her to death.

Probably because they feel like she loves them to death.

And Miss Sonya’s enthusiasm for dance is shared by every five year old in that room.

She doesn’t just preach the message of enthusiasm though-  she expects them to learn a thing or two. This is not “cheerdance” or “mommy & me twirl class”.  They learn real french words for crying out loud. The good kind. Ahem.

She’s forever teaching them right from left,

And these ballet slippered munchkins totally match her intensity, can’t you tell?

Do any Miss Sonya’s exist in Montana?

Specifically, in The Middle of Nowhere, Montana?

Cause if they don’t, my girlies are in real trouble. The only living soul left to teach them dance is me.  And that should scare you out of your wits.

Scare the wits out of you.


You get the idea.  It makes me quake in my boots.






4 thoughts on “Miss Sonya and My Conundrum

  1. She may NOT move…my Holly loves her, too! And, I would wager a grand, that there’s no other Sonya …. anywhere! Sorry, Julia…we’re keeping her. :)

  2. Hi Julia – This really brought tears to my eyes. I will so miss you and the girls when you move. Maybe by then I will have figured out how to teach over the internet. HA! Thank you so much for your kind words, the pictures, sharing your girls, and your friendship. ((hugs))

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