On Photography & Stitchography

I love where we live, and I love capturing this on film, er, digital film.

I used to think anyone could take good pictures with the help of a fancy camera and some  Photoshop.  Then I got a fancy camera and found that to be so not true.  It takes a lot of practice to translate the beautiful frame you see in your head into the camera’s language where it can copy what you see the way you want it to.

Confusing sentence.

Obviously I’m still practicing!  But I love it when I do something right and the result is something beautiful.   It propels what creativeness I have to work harder, and be more creative.  It’s a non-vicious cycle. The better you get at something, the better you want to be.  In the words of my doctorly husband, progress is addicting.

My point in all this is forthcoming.  I promise.


I wanted to take something like the scene I shot above and put it on something other than photo paper, because it’s just not any fun to line every wall of my house with a photograph.  I need variety.

Or maybe I’m just a little ADD and can’t focus completely on only one thing when there’s so much else to do and learn!!

I know the ADD part doesn’t surprise you, by the way.

So I have a stash of this:

I decided to turn it into a mountain scene.

If I can take a picture, surely I can wield a sewing machine, right?

I had inspiration from outside sources-  my creativity has clear and definable limits.  But here’s a folded up version of a mountain scene, after I attacked my fabric stash with scissors and a vision. It’s now unfolded an hanging above the fireplace.

I would show you the whole thing, except I wasn’t in love with it enough to show it front on to the world.  It has it’s share of mistakes!   But I learned the same lesson I’ve been learning with photography:  it won’t be perfect my first go around.  It just won’t be.  And if I expect perfection, then I’d better expect frustration and ultimately expect to get manic and quit.

Maybe it does come the first time to a gifted few that I envy and don’t want to talk to right now.

But I’m learning to be content to learn.  I have so many ideas and scenes and things I find beautiful swirling around in my head all the time.  But I have to harness some focus, perseverance, and elbow grease if I expect to translate any of that into something tangible.  And if it’s important enough to me, I will.


I don’t know if you were looking for a treatise on my thoughts on photography and stitchography, okay you definitely weren’t.  But it was a thought, floating around in this disorganized space in my head, and I wanted to share it.

Happy Creating!





4 thoughts on “On Photography & Stitchography

  1. Love the mountain scene photo-very beautiful! I can see you’re definitely growing in a professional grasp and understanding of your craft. Okay, show us the quilt :-).

  2. You should post a picture of the quilt wall hanging. Having seen the final product, I think it is pretty and deserves a picture post. : )

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