Pretty as can be:

Ugly as all get out:

She’s a tired old girl.  She’s seen some hard times.

But from the moment Nellie set eyes on my oldest Girlie, she wouldn’t leave her alone.  My oldest Girlie, of course, adored her back.  And so it began.

“Mama, I love Nellie.”


“Mama, I’m going to name my child Nellie someday, because I love Nellie so much.”

(That’s as direct a quote as I can remember, by the way!)

I’m planning to hang on to these pictures so that someday, when she has a child and wants to name her Nellie, I can talk her out of it.

Sorry, Nellie.

I love ya, old gal, really.



2 thoughts on “Nellie

  1. Hey! I love your new lens too! And I love Nellie :o). So Kyrin woke up the other night 3 times super thirsty. Drinking like a camel! Ethan said “Kyrin, are you a camel?!” Kyrin responded in a matter of fact voice (still asleep I think) “No, Daddy, cow. Black cow.” And promptly fell asleep. :o)

    I miss you so much! What’s new with the adoption stuff? What’s new with your plans for after residency? montana?

    Gotta run but wanted to say hi. Barnabas and Eryn are coming for a visit this week.


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