Doc had the longest call night he’s had in a while-  left home at 6:30am and didn’t get home until 1:30pm the next day.  I think he got an hour or two of sleep overnight.

He amazes me, by the way.   Absolutely amazes me.

Needless to say, he was worn through when he got home, so the Girlies and I left the house for a few hours so he could revel in some blissful, Pagerless sleep.

Here’s a photo chronicle of our adventures in the rain:

My youngest Pumpkin told me where to point the camera when she saw a pretty tree, so I did….

We visited the goat barn….

And this Girlie just loves the goat barn….

Convinced the goats to come outside while the rain let up….

Then laughed at them when they high-tailed it back to the barn when it began to sprinkle again…

Played and climbed…

Paused at the pond so Mama could try out the new lens on some Autumn glory…

Then it began to pour…

So we hit up the wood-fired bakery nearby…

This bakery just might be my favorite place in this town, by the way…

Saw that we needed to burn another hour, so we drove to the top of a mountain…

Just in time to see the sun!!

Then climbed back in the car to rest our tired legs, and drove home to spend a few precious hours with Daddy.


4 thoughts on “Post-Call

  1. I was lamenting to a friend (who’s lived in CO & Seattle) how I’ll miss fall in North Carolina and she assured me that I will love fall in the west. I take it California doesn’t count though!

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