My First Homebirth

I can’t go on with life and not post about this.  So here you go.

My BFF asked me to be her doula for her second birth,  and I unhesitatingly said yes.

Then I hesitated.

I’m trained to be a doula, but I’ve never actually been a doula before.

What if I was a basketcase?  What if I fell apart like I do when I hear birth stories or watch a (real) birth on TV and I ended up needing my BFF to hug me, her doula,  and keep me calm and focused?

Well,  I already said yes, so that couldn’t happen.  I made a pact with My Doula Self that we were going to git ‘er done.  All business, baby.

Then I stopped thinking about it and got on with my very normal, non-doula life.

Until last week,  when I got The Call.

Insert: gushing superlatives.

It was a perfect birth.

Insert:   More gushing superlatives.

Just perfect.

You don’t want those kinds of details.  Just trust me.

But Insert:  More gushing superlatives.

And the biggest surprise of all:

It’s a girl!

(My BFF comes from a strong line of Boy-Havers, so this was a true surprise!)

I fixed dinner afterwards while everybody put the dining-room-turned-birth-room back together.

Then I got to hold baby Adelai.



I want one.

Don’t tell Doc I said that.

Isn’t she beautiful?

I’m happy to report that I did not crawl into my BFF’s lap and burst into tears as her baby was born.  I didn’t call my mom,  say “forget this” and drive to Starbucks,  or do anything drastic for that matter.   I was simply her doula.

And my BFF has no idea what a blessing that experience was for me.






8 thoughts on “My First Homebirth

  1. Julia, this is absolutely beautiful. I had no idea that you’re a doula! Congrats! And, the pix are so nice, too. WOW. (I want one, too, but at this point that would go against modern medical science. lol)

  2. …so you want one too….hmmmmm. It was beautiful and went according to Gods perfect plan. A very special memory. :”)

  3. that is awesome! i’m so jealous of your experience…i actually really want to be in a regular ole birth since i had csections…i really want to experience it, even if it’s through someone else. maybe i should become a doula!

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