Occasionally I Pull Up This Photo….

And I giggle,  because he’s a stinker and a cutie pie.

And I want one.  Now.

My BFF had her baby two days ago,  I was her doula,

(everything went so well!) (I just might have to blog about that experience) (it was my first birth) (her baby was large) (her baby was a she) (I love babies) ,


and Doc was post-call, had gotten a decent amount of sleep the night before,  so he took our girlies and my BFF’s 2 year old boy out to lunch and to the park.   He came home convinced that our adoption is the right thing to do.



I’m off to get the girlies their last round of shots.  Virginia is already scared out of her mind and won’t even consider it without promise of a toy, ice cream, and administration by a doctor.





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