First Day of School

Monday came (last week!), and my oldest girlie was soooo excited.  It was her first day of Kindergarten!

She picked out her dress, told me how she wanted her hair done,  I made her wear her Chacos and not her new winter shoes,  and she ran back to her room before we walked out the front door to get her “special” necklace that she only wears on really special occasions.

She was nervous, I could tell.  But the sight of three other little girls (her very own age! how novel!) made her run into her Kindergarten room without looking back.  I hung around the door for a while-  she really needed me-  I knew she did!

Bye Sweetie!”, I called.


“Have a good day!”

She kept talking to the little girl next to her.

“Okay, I’m leaving now! Love you!”

She was completely preoccupied.


She recognized that tone of voice, so she just barely looked over her shoulder and mumbled something that sounded sort of like “bye”.

Then she turned back around and was perfectly happy. Carefree, even.

But that’s okay.  I came to grips with that and walked out,  happy that my offspring seems to have roots AND wings.  So far, so good.  Besides, my other offspring didn’t start school until Tuesday, and she still needs me!

But then, Tuesday morning came.

My baby was SO excited to start preschool!  She picked out a dress that Deeda bought her, made sure her lunchbag was packed, and smiled for the camera just like her sister had yesterday morning.  She’s only going to preschool two mornings a week, which she was rather bummed about since her sister gets to go five, but I talked her into realizing what a wonderful thing it is to have three whole mornings with Mama, so I think she’s okay with it.

Miraculously, Daddy had both First-Day-Of-School mornings free.  We found a parking spot on the street and walked both of our girlies in, feeling a little weird at the prospect of walking out completely child free.

But then we went on a date to a nearby bakery and drank coffee and ate pastries and talked about how wonderful this thing called school was.

Back to preschool….

Mrs. G met us at the door and showed my baby her cubby.  She didn’t need to bring a backpack, or a folder with horses on it and some fat pencils,  but I didn’t tell her that.  Her big sister got to carry a backpack to school, so my baby carried one too.  It’s the story of her life.

After she put her stuff away, she turned and scoped out the room.  I braced myself, knelt down, hugged her and told her it was time for Daddy and Mama to go.

She held my arm for a second and walked around to the different stations, keeping me in the corner of her eye the whole time.

Then she ran into my waiting, open arms, sobbed and told me how much she needed me and couldn’t spend even an hour without making some mess for me to clean up and  keeping me in stitches; and I held her tight and told her she needed to stay and be brave.

Okay so maybe I just made that part up.

She was fine.

I take that back-  she had one moment of hesitation, which made me feel needed, but then she was fine.  And Doc and I went to the coffee shop and reveled in our new empty-nester life-

er,  hour.

Then I picked them up, we all had lunch together, and went about our day like normal.  Messy, noisy, full of mosquito bites, and beautiful.

And I’m hoping for another coffee date with my feller this coming week.


10 thoughts on “First Day of School

  1. Oh my. It’s a Fossil purse- got it at the mall. It *was* on sale I *think*. Still not Walmart-ly priced, but I love this purse. It looks like something you would like :)

  2. So sweet! I’m glad they’re enjoying themselves! It’s so nice when they actually enjoy going to school. I have to force Tyler to go now! Enjoy your date mornings and tell my wonderful cousin I said HI! Love you guys!

  3. The girls look so sweet with those great big backpacks on their little backs!
    We’re starting kindergarten/preschool this week. I’m more than a little jealous that you have a half-day kindergarten available–our district (our state, really) now only offers full-day kindergarten. I’m also, simultaneously, a little jealous of that hour that your “nest” is empty and totally relieved that I have my still-so-very-dependent Fiona to spend my (preschool) mornings with. If the shock of having three mornings a week to myself didn’t kill me, I might clean the house–the shock of which might kill Joel. So, ultimately, it’s probably better this way. Less risky.

  4. Loved the post. I can imagine how hard it is (for the most part) to see them heading off to school without feeling all the things you’re feeling – Avery grabbed my finger today to pull me over and show me something for the first time and it almost made me cry.

  5. I am so glad that the girls like school and that the two of you get to have “date day (morning)” together. How special that Justin got to go to first day with both girls! Thanks for posting the pictures!

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